Does Smoking Affect Diabetes?

Hello everyone. Today we discuss yet another important topic: Does smoking affect Diabetes? Before we discuss any further I want to say this, cigarette smoking is bad for everyone, whether you have diabetes or not, but it is even more risky if you are living with diabetes. It increases your risks of having diabetes related complications and many other health problems.

The culprit is the nicotine in the cigarette. It causes your blood vessels to be hard and narrow. As a result, there is less blood flow to the organs of your body. Smoking also affects your lungs and increases your risk of getting cancer. It does raise your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Because uncontrolled diabetes also affects your blood vessels, risk becomes higher when you are a smoker.

Smoking causes many avoidable deaths worldwide. In fact, in many countries, it is the leading preventable cause of diseases and deaths. If you are not a smoker yet, there is absolutely no reason to start smoking, but if you are already as smoker, then you need to quit now for your health reasons. It does not matter how long or how much you have been smoking, quitting always has positive health benefits.

Diabetes and smoking: the relationship

Smoking in itself is an independent risk factor for type-2 diabetes. Smokers are more likely to develop type-2 diabetes than non-smokers. The more cigarettes you smoke, the higher the risk of you developing diabetes.

Smoking also makes it difficult to control diabetes, be it type-1 or type-2. If you have type-1 diabetes you might need more insulin to regulate your blood sugar levels if you smoke. The chemicals in the cigarette interfere with the normal function of the body decreasing the effectiveness of insulin.

Smoking also puts you at a greater risk of developing diabetes related complications. These complications a serious and include heart and kidney disease, foot complications, peripheral neuropathy, retinopathy (eye disease), and many more.

Smoking has been associated with an increased risk of having belly fat (trunkal obesity). Belly fat is itself an independent risk factor for diabetes. When you have belly fat, you are more likely to having insulin resistance, which usually leads to glucose intolerance and type-2 diabetes.

If you have diabetes and are a smoker you have to quit today, in order to avoid complications associated with diabetes and smoking, and for better control of your blood sugar levels.

Reduce your risk of diabetes today

If you have diabetes and also smoke, it is not too late to quit. Mind you there is no safe level of tobacco. Even if you smoke just one cigarette per day, it still puts you are risk of a lot of health related problems. It also helps you better manage your diabetes.

Quitting may be difficult, but it is indeed possible. The earlier you quit, the greater the benefit there is to your health.

Quitting is never easy

There are absolutely no health benefits for smoking. That is why every smoker should be encouraged to stop smoking. If you quit now, your risks of getting diseases like heart attack reduces over time. If you have diabetes, quitting will also prevent you from getting diabetes related complications sooner.

However, it is important to note that quitting is never easy. This is because the nicotine in the cigarette is an addictive drug. When you smoke over time your body becomes used to having nicotine and complains when you stop smoking. You may experience withdrawal symptoms or intense cravings. That being said, you still need to quit smoking.

How do I quit smoking?

Quitting smoking is not an easy process and it takes determination and support to achieve it. The following steps will surely help you reach your goal of quitting smoking

Acknowledge the importance of quitting

There are just too many health benefits when you stop smoking. These range from your individual benefits to benefiting people around you (second hand smoke).

Make a list of all the reasons why you want to quit smoking

Everyone has their own reasons to quit smoking. It might be for medical reasons, for social or financial reasons or just to protect your family from second hand smoke. Write your own list down and put it where you are able to see it everyday

Make a decision to quit smoking

This is the most important step. You might have tried to stop smoking previously and failed. However, this should not discourage you. Look back at what could have transpired that made you fail and learn from that lesson. When you decide to stop smoking, do not make any room for failure.

Set a date to quit smoking

Set a date to quit smoking and stick to it. When you set a date to quit, it is important to inform all your friends and family your intentions and your set date. It may also be beneficial to inform your co-workers as well about your intentions. Quitting is not easy and you need all the support and encouragement from your significant others. You might also want to look for a person who also wants to quit smoking so that you walk in this path together and encourage each other during tough times.

Throw away cigarettes and other related products from your home, your car and your office

Remove your cigarettes, lighters and ashtrays and throw them away. Freshen up anything that smells like smokes in your home, car or office and wash all your clothes.

Anticipate the challenges that you might encounter and plan on how to overcome them

There are so many challenges faced by people you quit smoking. It is very crucial to plan ahead on how to overcome these challenges. Some meals or drinks may trigger your cigarette cravings and it is important to identify these and simple change them. Some people minimize cravings by doing routine exercises, so having a routine exercise schedule can be very beneficial when quitting smoking.

Make friends with non-smokers

If all your friends are smokers, it might be a good idea to make friends with those people who are non-smokers. When you see people smoking, do not hang around them, rather go and look for something positive to do.

Discuss with you doctor about you plan to quit

Your doctor will help with support and may also prescribe medication that may help with withdrawal symptoms. You are more likely to quit smoking with the help of an expert than when you are alone.

Medication that can assist in quitting

Some people do decide to quit without medication and are successful if they are so determined to. However, medication does increase your chances of being successful about 3-4 times. There are some nicotine replacement products that are sold over the counter and there are those that need a doctor’s prescription to start. Always discuss with your doctor before starting any product.

The patch

Habitrol Nicotine Transdermal System Patch

As an Amazon Associate I may earn from qualifying purchases

This patch helps you reduce some nicotine withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, anxiety, depression, sleeplessness and many more.

It is an 8-week step down program that comes in three decreasing nicotine levels. The steps help you gradually reduce your nicotine dependency and improve your chances of being able to quit smoking. The nicotine patches will replace the nicotine that your body is used gradually decreasing the dose of nicotine over the course of the program. It helps you concentrate on the psychological aspect of quitting by helping you reduce the physical nicotine withdrawal symptoms. It also eliminates the cancer-causing chemicals that are smoked with the cigarette.

One patch is used per day. When applied, the patch gradually releases nicotine through your skin over a period of 24hours.

The package includes Behavior Support Program with self-help guide.


Lozenges are a potential quick-fix to cravings for nicotine. They may satisfy the need to keep your mouth busy so that you are not tempted to smoke.

Nicorette 2mg Nicotine Lozenges 

The lozenges are used to alleviate withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting smoking. They provide long-lasting nicotine craving relief. These stop smoking aids with a smooth, non-chalky coated outer shell and an icy mint flavor, taste amazing and dissolve quickly to bring you relief that keeps working after the lozenge is gone

The product comes in a portable and discreet dispenser that allows you to control your intake throughout the day.


Nicorette Nicotine Gum

This gum allows you to enjoy the bold and refreshing taste as you gradually kick your smoking habit. It releases a small therapeutic dose of nicotine, which allows you to manage your daily nicotine intake while soothing cravings and withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting.

The ice mint nicotine gum is a great nicotine replacement therapy if you smoke your first cigarette more than 30 minutes after you wake up.


Nicotine-Free Smoke-Free Oxygen Inhaler

QuitGo is the Only Smoke-Free Inhaler with a soft tip chew able mouth grip that provides oral fixation relief. This product will help you cope with those cravings and other quit smoking symptoms so you can overcome the urge to smoke naturally, without any nicotine, addictive harmful chemicals. You can puff on it, bite on it, flick it or chew on it anytime you get an urge or a craving to smoke.

The inhaler is also perfect to use for relieving stress or anxiety. QuitGo inhalers feel and look like a real cigarette with a soft top filter to help cope with the psychological and physical hand-to-mouth addiction which most smokers find difficult to overcome when quitting. It will help you curb cravings when you first stop smoking, and keep them away even after you’ve already quit so you don’t ever fall back or start to smoke again.

The QuitGo inhaler can be used by itself but is recommended to use together with an additional quit smoking product for most effective results.

Stop Smoking Today

Always remember that smoking is bad for your health. There is indeed nothing good that comes out of smoking. So if you are smoking and also having diabetes, you need to stop right aware. It does not matter how long you have been smoking, quitting has significant benefits to your health. Nicotine replacement therapy is a good place to start when you have made a decision to stop smoking. Always discuss with your doctor about your options before starting any.


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42 thoughts on “Does Smoking Affect Diabetes?

  1. Thank you for sharing this important and serious matter.

    I had no idea that smoking had any effect on diabetes until now.

    I appreciate that you have gone into great detail on ways to stop smoking.  However, until a smoker really wants to stop then mentally they just won’t be able.  It therefore starts and ends with brainpower.

    1. Hello Geoff

      It is indeed true. One can never quit until they decide that they want to quit. It all start in the mind. It also starts with understanding the impact that smoking has on your heath and appreciating the importance of why one needs to quit.

  2. I am not a chain smoker, nor am I addicted to the habit. Once in a while I might do a puff recreationally, when I am socialising. I read through your article and I am shocked at how dangerous smoking could be. It messes up almost all body processes. I kind of had an idea, but this is a big revelation. I am now thinking that it is toxic and most of all it is a bad example for my kids. Thank you

    1. Hello JJ

      It is good to know that you realize that smoking is not even a good example to your kids. There is really no good reason to start smoking and it is better avoided by us all. Thank you

  3. Thank you for sharing this content. I totally agree with you, smoking is bad for everyone, and it has no health benefits. I am a type 1 Diabetic, but I am cautious about what I put In my body. On the other hand, my dad has had nicotine in his body ever since he was a kid. His parents smoked, and when they quit, he started smoking. He’s tried to quite a couple of times, but he couldn’t. I am going to share this post with him and encourage him to try again. Thank you again.

    1. Hello Micah

      You are doing a great job of taking care of yourself. Whether diabetic or not, we need to be cautious about what we put into our bodies. 

      On the other hand, you need be your dad’s support in his journey to quit. All the best as you do it for your dad

  4. My question is, “Does second hand smoke cause the same complications?”  I have lived with smokers my entire life and now I have diabetes.  I can attest to the fact that smokers have issues with their blood vessels since my Dad was a smoker and ended up with open-heart surgery and later, kidney dialysis, which was most likely the affect of a life time of smoking.  I realize how dangerous smoking is.  Like you said, “There is no health benefit of smoking.”

    1. Hello Kay

      Yes, second hand has the same effects as direct smoking. it must however be noted that direct smoking if far more worse because the amount of tar and nicotine one takes is more than that one of a secondhand smoker. that is why we need to protect ourselves and our loved ones by deciding to quit smoking

  5. Thanks for this article, Boi.

    My friend has been trying to convince his uncle to quit smoking for the longest time since it only made his diabetes worse over the years. I can agree it makes it harder to control since he has already lost a lot of his vision and doesn’t look like he’ll be able to go back to work ever again.

    I’m definitely going to pass this article on to him.

    1. Hi Steve

      Like I said, it is never too late to quit smoking. If the uncle continues to smoke, the effects will be far worse than the vision loss. He therefore needs to quit today for better health outcome

  6. This has been a very interesting article. I did not know that there was some type of correlation between diabetes and smoking. It’s not even a correlation that I even considered at all to exist. Though my uncle who currently has diabetes and also is a smoker would probably take some interest in reading about this. I will be sharing this with him. Thank you so much for this information

    1. Hi Misael

      Thank you for going through the article and I wish your uncle all the best as he takes control of his health

  7. This is a great article and now I’m quite sure smoking is related directly to diabetes. My uncle was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes last month, but he’s still smoking regularly. The doctor even warned him about the potential danger to his body, but he is quite persistent. I’ll take some of your suggestions, perhaps it can help to at least reduce his smoking habits.

    1. Hello Alblue

      Nicotine in the cigarette is very addictive. It takes determination and strength to quit smoking. People who are willing to quit will need all the support they can get from friends and family members. I therefore encourage you to support your uncle in everyway you can so that he breaks that habits. As difficult as it is to quit, it can be done

  8. Quite interesting article. I have never thought about how smoking and diabetes are linked together. And also didn’t know that smoking can lead to obesity, I thought people who smoke eat less and more likely to stay slim

    I have been smoking for around 5 years and quit in one day. My reason was pregnancy and since then I have realized that all is in your head. I don’t think you need to use medication to quit. Always change your set of mind first!

    1. Hello Violeta

      Smoking can lead one into having belly fat. This is the fat that is distributed more on the belly than the rest of the body. This is what I talked about on the article.

      I am happy for you that you did not struggle to quit. It will be great for you to encourage all the people out there who are struggling to quit. Thank you for the comment 

  9. I agree that if you want to stop smoking, then nicotine replacement therapy is a good place to start. It helps with the withdrawal symptoms that are associated with quitting smoking and also provides immediate relief from cravings for cigarettes during your process of being smoke-free. 

    The nicotine in cigarettes triggers the body’s addiction and quitting cold turkey can cause withdrawal symptoms of varying intensity, so this process would be much easier with medication that helps ease your cravings for tobacco by supplying small amounts of it over time. In addition, these medications help reduce some physical effects related to giving up smoking such as weight gain or involuntary shivering caused by low blood sugar levels from not eating enough when stopping abruptly.

    1. Hi Pitin

      Thank you for such an educative comment. Indeed nicotine replacement therapy is a good place to start if you want to quit smoking

  10. Hi Boi. Thank you for another interesting article. I was a smoker myself and I know how difficult is to quit. I tried for few years, using different methods and supplements. Finally I succeed with combination of Nicorette pills and meditations. It was one of most difficult fights in my life, and even now after 6 years I still feel a need for cigarette from time to time. But Im living proof that it can be done (and I was smoking nearly 20 years).

    1. Hello Cogito. That is a very wonderful testimony. I am happy to hear that you now have 6 years having won this battle. As much as the battle is not an easy one, it is worth the fight. I wish you all the best and pray that you continue to sty away from cigarette despite the need for it sometimes. Cheers

  11. I didn’t know that smoking affected your cholesterol level. I have never though that smoking could develop type 2 diabetes. This fact really hit me right to the heart:  I’m thinking about a young man who has that heath problem. The fact that he smokes will not make things easier. I’m his music teacher, and we are pretty close. But I do not want to lecture him. I don’t know what I will do.

    1. Hi
      It is very difficult to stop smoking and one needs all the support that they can get. Please support him and see if it yields any results. Thanx

  12. I completely agree. And I’m impressed with some stats |I came across recently. These charts said that smokers are 30 to 40 percent more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than nonsmokers. And once a person has developed type 2 diabetes, smoking can also make managing the disease and regulating insulin levels more difficult because high levels of nicotine can lessen the effectiveness of insulin. And this will lead smokers to need more insulin to regulate blood sugar levels.

    1. Hello Abel. Your statement is very true. As a person with diabetes or not, it  is better to avoid smoking all together

  13. Hi, I’ve just gone through your article. This is a very important and helpful piece of writing. I must agree with you that smoking is always unhealthy for everyone. So for a diabetic person, it could be even worse. Thanks for sharing such an amazing post with us, I will be sharing it further to spread the word. Sharing is caring!

  14. I am not a smoker myself but from what I have heard from avid smokers again and again is that the only way to really quit smoking is to stop it once and for all and never touch a pack ever again for any reason. Many smokers find a reason to do 1 or 2 smokes and then get back to their old habits so it really boils down to cutting this habit directly and without any reason to go back to it.

    1. Thank you for the comment Stratos. Smoking is a habit and breaking the habit can be very difficult to some people.

  15. This is such a helpful article and really informative. I’ve never considered the links between smoking and diabetes before but this clearly lays out the risks associated between having the condition and smoking. There’s some really important info on how to quit too and further support. One of my friends has been looking to quit for a while now so I might send him the link to this post as it could make all the difference! 

  16. It’s so good that you have written this article, raising the awareness of how much smoking is bad for anyone’s health. I am a former smoker, quit almost 4 years ago. I am actually a super proud former smoker. Soon enough I will not remember I have ever used that garbage. Anyways, I am sure that smoking does affect diabetes and it should be avoided. 

    Thanks again for raising awareness. 

    1. Hello Sunny. Thank you for such an inspiring message to all those who are trying to quit. Through you, they definitely know that it is possible to be free. Thank you

  17. Hello there! This is an important article. Personally I do not smoke but do know a few family members who do. I knew smoking was bad but not exactly sure of the problems it causes other than lung cancer. But after reading your post, I was able to learn a lot more about it. I never knew it causes our arteries to narrow and harden or even lead to conditions like diabetes. Thanks for taking the time to educate people and offering helpful tips to stop smoking. 

  18. Hi there,

    Great article; I found it very interesting!

    I was smoking a lot in my twentieth. I had cholesterol, and my doctor told me that cigarettes make the cholesterol rise. However, thank God, I’ve never suffered from diabetes, but I stopped anyway. Every time I was throwing my pack of cigarettes away, I was getting back smoking. So I decided this time to keep my packet of cigarettes in my pockets and stop smoking. And it worked like a charm. It’s been 20 years now that I don’t smoke. There weren’t any products to help to stop smoking at that time. It would have made things a lot easier.
    However, one of my friends is diabetic, so I will show her this article, hoping she will stop smoking.

    Thanks a lot for this helpful post!

    1. Hello Daniella. a very wonderful testimony you have right there. I believe for many clients it might also work for them. It just shows how far determination can take one to. Thank you for sharing your story

  19. I have a roommate that has type 2 diabetes.  She has smoked for a very long time.  I have talked to her about what smoking does and how it can hurt her, especially since she has diabetes.  I believe that is what actually caused her to get diabetes, but I am not sure.  I am going to show her this, because I think she is just in denial and I am just trying to look out for her.

    1. Hello Leahrae

      Thank you for looking out for your roommate. Quitting is actually not easy but it can be done. Your roommate actually needs all the support that she can get

  20. Hi Boi
    Thanks for sharing your views on effect of smoking on diabetes. We all understand that smoking is not at all a good habit but still many people just continue smoking and diabetic people are no less in numbers. I liked the points you shared for quitting smoke. These are very practical and can be adopted by low will power people too. I am saving your page for the future reference as it may certainly help someone.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

  21. Thanks for sharing this well written article and informative website. I think the more information available to people on this subject, the better. So great job on the website. Cheers. I also think there should be more info available to smokers on damage limitation too as its a topic that’s skirted over far too much I think.

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