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Genteel Lancing Device Review

If you have diabetes and have to check your blood sugar levels regularly you probably know how painful it can be. Having to prick yourself too often is no joke. If you are a mother of a child with diabetes you probably identify with the pain that you go through having to see your child refusing to be checked blood sugar levels because of pain. Having to squeeze the finger because you just cannot get enough blood but at the same time not wanting to prick again.

If you identify with the above, then the Genteel Lancing device is your solution. Regular blood sugar test is a very important aspect in diabetes management. It needs to be done. Often time parents are faced with screaming kids and cannot test as often enough as they would have loved to or are requested to by their doctor.

The Genteel Lancing device is a lancing device like no other. It indeed gives your fingers a break. This is because it allows you to check your blood sugar without pain. It is even child friendly with decorative stickers for your child to personalize. It is perfect for all ages all types of diabetes.

The Product offers

The device gives your fingers a break. The Genteel lancing device eliminates severe puncture marks, swelling, bruising and sensitivity.

What if I tell you that you don’t have to squeeze anymore? With Genteel you say bye to squeezing because you just cannot get enough blood. The device uses vacuum to get the perfect drop of blood anywhere in the body.

The device reduces lancet impact. Typical lancing devices slice into the skin instead of using a precise vertical direction

It allows you to use fewer strips. You get enough blood no matter how thirsty your meter is.

The Genteel lancing device allows you to check blood sugar as prescribed. The device eliminates obstacles like pain and this will allow you to start checking blood sugar as often as you should.

Don’t want to check prick for fingers anymore? Yes, with Genteel you can choose your location. It is the only lancing device that is FDA cleared for alternative testing sites.

Kit includes

Genteel lancing device

6 contact tips: they vary in depth settings. You will need to try them to see which one works better for you.

2 nozzles

Travel and organizer pouch


Sticker sheet for kids

Sample Butterfly Touch Lancets

Steps to checking blood sugar

Insert a Butterfly Touch Lancet.

Re-attach the Nozzle with factory installed contact tip.

Place Genteel on your chosen test location, anywhere on the body.

Press and hold the activation button (to use vacuum) until a blood drop is formed.

Lift finger off the activation button, then remove Genteel from your skin.

Apply the blood drop to your existing meter’s test strip.

Pros of using this kit

You don’t have to squeeze your fingers anymore to get a perfect drop of blood.

You can check you blood sugar as much as you want without having to worry about pain.

You have the liberty to choose your test location anywhere on the body.

The device can work with widely available standard lancets even though the Butterfly Touch Lancets are the perfect lancet for Genteel Lancing Device

You don’t have to use a different glucose meter and test strips. Just use your existing one.

Cons of using this kit

The Genteel lancing device is more expensive than the other standard lancing devices. However, if checking your blood sugar regularly is a necessity, Genteel is all worth purchasing. It is also very valuable if you have to use it on kids.

It is bigger than many other lancets. The size makes it harder to carry it around in small purse unlike other lancing devices.

It is more complex than your typical lancing device. The device takes a little more time to get used to how it works but once you’ve grabbed the process, you will want to stick to it forever.

In Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any question or comments about the Genteel lancing device, you can leave a comment below. Your personal reviews are also welcome.

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20 thoughts on “Genteel Lancing Device

  1. Hi, thanks for this review on Genteel Lancing Device. I know that having to live with a sickness that regularly needs maintenance and checkups is difficult, so it is great to see such devices to ease the regularly check up and maintenance process as does the Genteel Lancing Device for those living with diabetes. I like the fact that with this device you can do checkups without pain, this is helpful especially for kids. 

    1. Hi Nedia. It is indeed very helpful indeed. I have a niece who uses it and I must say it has been quiet helpful

  2. The Genteel Lancing Device sounds like a blessing to those who have to test blood sugar levels.  I think the price is well worth the pain-free experience and the different colors that are available would make it appealing to children and young people!  You mention that its size would make it inconvenient to take with you but it does have that carrying case.  And am I seeing a 120 return policy?  I think it’s well worth trying!

    1. Hi Cynthia. Yes, indeed Genteel Lancing Device is indeed a blessing to those who need to test their blood sugar levels. Yes, although the size makes it harder to carry it around in small purse unlike other lancing devices, the device does come with it’s own carrying case.  It also has a 120-day money back guarantee and 1 year warranty.

  3. I am very impressed with device. It is a great solution especially for kids.I cannot imagine what parents who have diabetic kids have been going through . But its comforting that someone did something to solve the horror with Genteel Lancing Device. If I can find it in my country, I will definitely  get it for my mom

    1. Hello Bogadi. The Genteel Lancing Device is indeed a perfect solution especially for parents with diabetic kids. Even for the older people, it is very helpful. It is indeed a good idea to get it for your mother

  4. Hi, Bio!

    Nice to see your introduction about The Genteel Lancing Device.

    The Genteel Lancing Device really sounds good to those who have to test blood sugar levels.

    My parents had high blood sugar a few years ago and had to take tests frequently. At that time, there was no such convenient testing equipment.

    Now this kind of product develops very well, and the accessories are complete, so it is very considerate for users. I haven’t used it yet. I will consider this product when I need to take my blood sugar frequently in the future.

    Great article and product, thank you!


  5. Hello there! This is an informative post. I actually do not have diabetes but I do know a lot of people who do have it. It is definitely a serious condition to have but if one is able to monitor it carefully, they can live normal lives! I think that is really awesome that you can check blood sugar with this and not have pain. The people I know who check their sugars everyday definitely hate that part of it. Going to have to recommend this to them. Thanks for compiling this.

    1. Hello Mike

      Thank you for the comment and please do recommend this device to them as it would be of great use

  6. Hi, pleased to meet you. I went through your article on genteel lancing device review. I found it very informative and helpful too. I never thought that there can be such a device that will simplify our lives. My mother is diabetic and I am definitely going to get her this useful device very soon. Thank you for sharing such an amazing piece of writing with us, I will be sharing it further too.

  7. Thank you for sharing this very informative article on the Genteel Lancing Device, this will definitely simplify the lives of those suffering from diabetes and having to check their blood sugar levels regularly. I love the fact that this device eliminates the idea of constant puncture marks on your fingers and considering the price of doctor visits and constant laboratory testing, this device is quite affordable.

  8. I was looking for some ways to keep record of sugar in blood and how to do it without hurting much the person with diabetics, as my mother is having hard times most of the days to keep her blood sugar in regular levels, I’m glad I found your website. I will forward it to my sister who is the care giver of my mon and she will be happy to learn more about the Genteel Lancin Device. Thanks so much for sharing accurate information. 

  9. Oh I could just feel the pain with having to prick your finger on a regular basis to check your blood sugar levels. Living with a condition like diabetes can be stressful, without having to face the pain every time you have to check blood glucose levels. So having a device like the Genteel lancing device, which can give you a pain free experience, will certainly help tremendously. Great to see that it has been cleared by the FDA as well. 

  10. Wow, what a fabulous device. I have often wondered how people cope when they have to prick to test many times a day, every day. It seems a horrible way to check your sugar levels and this tool is a Godsent. I was amazed to read that it uses a vacuum to get the drop of blood and that you can do it anywhere on the body.

    A truly revolutionary way to help with this horrible condition. Great review.

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