The Best Supplements For Blood Sugar control

A dietary supplement is a manufactured product taken orally as a pill, capsule, tablet, or liquid intended to supplement your diet and are not considered as food. Dietary supplements are an effective way of ensuring that you are getting the daily recommended intake of necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals. There are many dietary supplements that… Read more The Best Supplements For Blood Sugar control

Am I Diabetic?

Am I diabetic? Are you asking yourself this question? Well, many people worldwide are also asking themselves the same question. It is however very important that everyone of us be in a position to answer this question. We are living in a world whereby knowledge and technology is at our disposal. Internet is everywhere and… Read more Am I Diabetic?

About me

  Hello Everyone. Welcome to theglucosemeters website. I grew up in a family of five. My father passed away when I was still at a very young age. One of my family members was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes whilst he was still very young. I remember my mother’s late night visits to the Emergency… Read more About me