Stylish Diabetic Supply Carrying Cases

Are you looking for the best bags, wallets, cases, specifically designed for diabetes? Then look no further, you are in the right place.

Making smart choices when you have diabetes is the best thing that you can ever do for yourself. It helps you better manage your blood sugar levels well and avoid related complications. As a person with diabetes, whether it is type 1 or type 2, you need to always have your supplies ready and packed neatly for easy access be it you are traveling, at work or just at home.

After much research and scrutiny, I have found that choosing Myabetic Diabetes supplies from Amazon is a smart choice as they aim at meeting your diabetes needs in an easy and stylish way.

Their cases, wallets, pouches and handbags are designed to help manage your diabetes with confidence and style.

Below are my top 10 recommendations to you. The first five being diabetes supply carrying cases followed by five diabetes supply carrying bags. Click on the picture to purchase from Amazon.


1. Myabetic James Diabetes Compact Case

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This stylish compact diabetes wallet is suitable for people with either type-1 or type-2 diabetes. It is able to hold your glucose meter, test strips, lancing device, insulin vial, and syringes all at once. The wallet is a perfect replacement for your standard case that came with your glucose meter, only stylish, better, compact, with room for more essential supplies.

It has an elastic pocket that accommodates all meters on the market with dimensions 5 L x 3 W inches as well as two interior elastic loops. It accommodates an OmniPod PDM. The wallet also includes one zipper mesh pocket for syringes, lancets, and lancing devices.

The front zipper pocket has an insulation lining whilst the exterior has an attached D-Ring which allows you to have optional attachments such as a wrist strap, key-chain, or a lanyard. A wrist strap is already included in the product for you. This wallet will not accommodate your insulin pen, so if you have such a requirement, try The Banting Diabetes Wallet, also from Myabetic.

The wallet is available in three different colors. Feel free to choose the color you love. My personal choice would be the leopard print.

2. Myabetic Banting Diabetes Supply Case

Unlike the James Diabetic Compact Case, this stylish case is long enough to hold an insulin pen or two. The wallet keeps you organized in style while on the go.

It has three interior elastics, a Velcro pocket, one mesh zipper pocket, and a removable waste pouch for used test strips or other supplies.

The case’s interior main Velcro pocket is large enough to hold CGMs including Dexcom or OmniPod’s PDM. It does not include insulation or a cold pack. If you use an insulin pump and wish to carry an extra infusion set, the Clark Diabetes Case or Kamen Diabetes Case would be your best choice. Also, available with Amazon.

You are able to choose from these beautiful colors for your personal choice.

3. Myabetic Love Bug Diabetes Supply Case

This beautiful heart-shaped case will make testing time a playful experience for you. The soft colors and friendly shapes promote healthy bodies and creative minds. Kids love it.

The case has two separate compartments.

  • One side includes two Velcro-removable pockets, two elastic loops, and two larger net pockets to hold a meter, insulin pens, syringes, pump infusion sets, and other testing items.
  • The opposite compartment is free to hold additional care items – FRIO cooling case, emergency snacks, log books, a compact sharps container, or other testing items.

It also includes an optional detachable strap. If you are looking for a cute and fun experience while managing your diabetes, then the Love Bug diabetes Supply Case is what you are looking for.

4. Myabetic Unicorn Diabetes Case

The case is a magical friend for diabetes care! It is perfect for your child. The charming design with glitter accents will charm any child resulting in better management for their diabetes regularly.

The Unicorn Diabetes Case has 2 compartments for easy organization. It fits all glucose meters as well as insulin pens, glucagon kit, juice box. It also has a removable waste pouch to gather & dispose of used test strips

The Case has an insulation lining for a cooling pouch, and a strap so that your child can easily tote their diabetes supplies around school.

It accommodates the Omnipod PDM and insulin pens.

5. Myabetic Thompson Diabetes Travel Case

This travel case is perfect for traveling. It packs all your goods in one organized place, breeze through TSA checkpoints, and sets off on your adventure. Don’t let diabetes delay your world tour.

It has four separate compartments.

  • The center section zips opens completely. It includes two mesh zipper pockets, six elastic loops and a removable waste pouch for used test strips or other supplies. It also has a large removable zipper pouch (with its own slit pocket for used test strips) to store grab-and-go items for short-term excursions.
  • The two front zipper compartments gives you additional storage.
  • The back zipper compartment is lined with insulation material to hold a cooling pouch to keep your insulin cool.

This Diabetes Travel Case stores it all. It stores all your glucose meters, CGM receivers, PDMs, test strip drums, lancing devices, lancet needles, insulin pens, pen needles, insulin vials, syringes, infusion sets, sensors, cartridges, batteries, power cords, alcohol swabs, glucose tabs, emergency snacks, Glucagon kits, log books, medical forms and IDs, a compact sharps container, AND your passport.


1. Myabetic Cherise Diabetes Handbag

Having diabetes or not, as a lady you want to look good the part on your daily outings. If you are tired of carrying your normal handbag as well as a suitcase containing diabetes supplies, then this luxurious Myabetic Cherise Diabetes Handbag is the right choice for you. This beautiful cross-body purse allows you to organize and combine your diabetes supplies and everyday lifestyle items in one luxurious, space-saving handbag. Its unique design allows for wearable, on-the-go access so you can easily test blood sugar while en route to your next destination.

This luxurious hang bang has 3 compartments

1. The 2 compartments are for your daily lifestyle needs. In these compartments, you can put just about anything you love traveling with. It can be a wallet, keys, phone, or even sunglasses.

2. The second component is the center compartment for your diabetes supplies. It includes

  • A pocket that accommodates all glucose meters with dimensions less than 3.75 L x 4 W x 3/4 H (it fits Omnipod PDM and Dexcom receiver)
  • A mesh zipper pocket that is designed for syringes, alcohol swabs, lancets, pen needles, an infusion set, glucose tabs, etc.
  • 5 interior elastic loops for lancing devices, test strip tubes, insulin pens & vials
  • A removable waste pouch that can be used to easily store and dispose of used test strips
  • A phone pocket

It has an adjustable body strap and comes in beautiful colors that include paradise blue and charcoal.

If you are looking for luxury, the Myabetic Cherise Diabetes Handbag is the bag for grabs.

2. Myabetic Jay Diabetes Sling

This high-performance diabetes sling is designed for men, women and children. It can be worn across your back, chest, or around your waist.

This bag has multi-compartments.

  • The easily accessible front section carries all your diabetes supplies (glucose meter, insulin pens, test strips, lancing devices)
  • An insulated section is for snacks, water bottle and medication
  • A large storage section is for items such as keys, phone, wallet, and sunglasses

The sling pack has an adjustable cross-body strap to you as you desire. This product comes in different colours.

3. Myabetic Tina Diabetes Mini Crossbody

Control your diabetes with poise and pride with this stylish elegant diabetes handbag. This bag with vegan leather and luxurious hardware details will carry your diabetes supplies, daily essentials, and a phone.

It can hold 1 or 2 insulin pens and can fit all your glucose meters. It comes with a waste pouch that can be used to gather and dispose used test strips.

The Tina Diabetes Mini cross body includes cross body and wrist strap options. The product comes in black, crimson and sandcastle colors.

4. Myabetic Marie Diabetes Cross body

This Diabetes Cross body is a half wallet and half diabetes case. It conveniently stores both your diabetes supplies and lifestyle needs in one bag. Whether you are running errands, taking a stroll, or heading out for an evening on the town, you can rock this stylish, fashionable product.

Its main compartment includes a mesh zipper pocket and three interior elastic loops designed to fit your unique combination of supplies (the glucose meter, lancing device, test strip drums, lancet needles, insulin pens or insulin vials, syringes, an infusion set, pen needles, glucose tabs, and alcohol swabs)

The front envelope section unfolds to reveal your everyday wallet. It is complete with pockets for your ID, credit cards, and money.

The back slit pocket fits your phone or CGM. The product comes with a removable waste pouch to easily store and dispose your used strips. It also comes with an optional detachable cross body strap.

You have different beautiful colors to choose from.

5. Myabetic Jensen Diabetes Fanny Pack

This luxurious fanny pack was thoughtfully designed for diabetes. It keeps your supplies organized in a fashionable manner.

The front section has a pocket and elastic loops to hold a glucose meter, test strips and a lancing device. It has a zippered pocket for small supplies. It can also hold lifestyle items such as keys, snacks and a wallet.

The insulated back section holds insulin pump and has zippered holes for tubing.

It has a medical ID pocket and can hold a cellphone.

The product is designed to be worn around the low waist/high hips. Measure this area when choosing a belt size.

The product comes in variety of colors to choose from.

Bottom line

Whether you are looking for just a case to store your diabetes supplies at home, or a luxurious handbag, or even a travel bag, Myabetic supplies from Amazon are you number one choice. Just click on the pictures above to make your order today.

If this review has helped you personally, or can help you help someone, then leave a comment below. Or if you have any questions or comment, don’t forget to leave a comment below.

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  1. I am really glad that I found your site. I like that you put it among stylish cases and examples for children because I think it even plays a bigger role for them than for adults.  You have a lot of great and informative articles, I really like your site, keep up good work.

    1. Thank you so much Barbara. You are very right. Kids are very visual and making them have fun whilst being involved in managing their diabetes is a great lesson for them.

      Even for us women, we love our things organized in a simple yet stylish manner. Having diabetes does not mean that now one has to go around with suitcases. You can be stylish yet carry around your supplies wherever you go.

      Once more, thank you for going through the article.

  2. Thank you for this review
    Its interesting to note that there are beautiful and stylish supply cases. As much as it seems irrelevant to look at style while considering health products, having a stylish carry case makes the extra burden of carrying a case more bearable; particularly for teenagers that are more self conscious.
    Once more, great review and thank you

    1. Hello Eddie
      You are very right, health is the single most important thing that one has to consider virtually all the time. However having diseases like diabetes does not have to be such a burden. You can still carry your diabetes supplies and still look presentable.
      Thank you so much for going through the article

  3. Hi Boi, and thanks for such an informative website. You have a beautiful array of fine bags to fill a necessary place in the life of a diabetic. Having stylish bags for young ones to carry around will make their classmates envious and want one, just because they are so pretty.

    For myself, my choice would be the Myabetic Marie Diabetes Crossbody. It is a practical combination of supply case and wallet. How convenient!

    Keep up the good work, your website is needed for the many diabetics who are in need of keeping their supplies organized and close at hand.

    All the best,


    1. Hello Carolyn

      Thank you so much for going through the article. I very much love the Myabetic Marie Diabetes Crossbody. It is very convenient indeed.

      Having your supplies organized as a person living with diabetes is the best thing you can ever do for yourself. And being organized in a stylish manner is even better.

      Thank you

  4. hi there! such an amazing article. Thanks for taking time to share this. I really enjoyed going through this. These cases are very beautiful. I will definitely keep an eye out for more articles like this. 

    Thanks again. I will surely share this with friends. 

    Good job. Keep up the good work

    1. Hello Virtue. Very grateful that you find this article amazing. The cases are indeed beautiful and very handy.

      Thank you again for sharing with friends.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing all these stylish cases. I am buying a birthday gift for my father and these bags will be useful to him, most of them are just practical and not just stylish. Myabetic Jay Diabetes Sling Will be a perfect one and practical for my father, I will check it out on the link. 

  6. Hi Boi. Very interesting article. Diabetes is very serious disease and sometimes its not easy to have normal day to day life. Its especially difficult for children, and its important to try find some positives (where possible). 

    Thanks why I love so much Unicorn Diabetes case, its perfect for little princess. I have young girl in family for whom this case will be perfect gift. Thank you for great post!

    1. Hello Cogito. 

      Thank you so much for going through this article. Yes, when you have a child with diabetes, you have to try and make their life as normal as can be. It will b great to get that Case for the little Princess.

  7. One of my music student just have been prognosticated diabetic. Since we are close, and I know his grandparents (his mother died  2 years ago), I’m a bit sad to see that there are so many things he loves that he cannot eat no more (or just a little portion of it). His wallet is big and dull. This article is just perfect for me. I want to buy a gift for this young man. I think that he will love the Myabetic Jay Diabetes Sling. The color is just right and has a military feel. But I hesitate with Myabetic Jensen Diabetes Fanny Pack Holds.

    1. Hello

      What you are doing is a very kind gesture and I believe that young man will forever be grateful for what you have done for him. People like you are very much needed in the society as they brighten our world. We must all take part in making this place a better place.

      Thank you 

  8. Super, sexy and gorgeous, all these bags. My mom has diabetes and she always keeps a small bag in her bigger bag. Handy to keep needles etc. all together. My guess is we need a special pouch for a whole range of special needs. With vegan and eco-friendly options that is. Cause I fear that the more we ‘just’ need, the more we buy, consume and hence pollute. But today, it can be done the eco-friendly way.

    1. Hello Karin

      You are very right. It feels good to always be organized and felling and looking great at the same time. I guess your mom would really love the idea of getting herself one of these very handy, yet stylish bags

      Eco-friendly all the way


  9. Great article you have here and thank you for sharing such an informative article. The stylish diabetic supply carrying cases seem like a more convenient way of carrying glucose tablets or glucagon or even ketone test strips for emergency cases or when you are supposed to take one short during the time you are away from home.

    1. Hello Volkert

      You are very right. These cases are very convenient indeed. Whether you are just at home and wanting to keep your supplies well organized, or you are travelling, you can never go wrong with these bags.

  10. Hello Boi,

    Diabetes is a serious disease that is not easy to live with every day to keep it under control. If it is difficult for an adult, it is even harder for a child. There are so many supplies that you must have at hand all the time, and the fact that you have provided through your article different types of stylish diabetic supply carrying cases, which can facilitate easy access to them, is to be appreciated. Certainly for those who suffer from this disease, your article will be very helpful.

    Among those listed, Myabetic Thompson travel case, Myabetic Jay Sling, and Myabetic Unicorn case caught my attention. Very good article. Keep up the good work.👍

    1. Hello Diana. Thank you very much for going through this article.

      Children go through a lot especially when they are now teenagers and hey start to wonder why they have to live in a certain way that is different from their friends. As parents we have to try as much as possible to make their lives look and normal as it is possible.That is why for them, having these stylish bags as opposed to the standard ones is of great importance to them. Thank you so much for pointing that out


  11. Hi there,

    Thank you for sharing this list of beautiful bags for people with diabetes!

    My mother is diabetic, and she doesn’t want to travel or be too far away from home because she always needs to take all her insulin and medicals with her. So I decide to buy her a bag, this way she’ll be able to take all she needs with her. I really like the number 5 on the list, the Myabetic Thompson Diabetes Travel Case. It’s not bulky and very cute. Does this bag come in other colors? What if something goes wrong? Will I be able to exchange it?

    Thank you a lot!

    1. Hello Daniella

      The Myabetic Thompson Diabetes Travel Case does come in different colors being black, blue, purple and black nylon. it is worth every penny I can assure you of that. Your mom will be so happy to own one.

      Amazon does have a 30 days return policy. So if you are not happy with the product, you can always return it for replacement or refund

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